The following is a brief description of the process that takes place
when a customer's product is restored and resilvered in our factory.
Processes will vary depending on the condition of the product.

Step 1

Upon arrival at our factory, each item is etched with an identification number that matches all of our internal paper work. The etching is done in a discreet position so as not to deface or devalue the item. Etching has proven to be useful as a reference for insurance purposes when insuring valued items.

Step 2

All items are thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt, polish, residue or contaminants that may have built up over the years. Items containing or made of soft metal (ie. Britannia metal lead) must be stripped of old silver before they can be buffed and repaired.

Step 3

At this point all items are inspected to identify what, if any repairs are required or have been requested by the customer (eg. repairing a leak to a spout, removing dents).

Step 4

All items are buffed and polished to a high shine and are individually inspected to ensure that there are no defects or scratches.

Step 5

Items are now processed through the plating operation which consists of the following:

Stage 1: Three stages of electro cleaners
Stage 2: Several hot and cold rinses
Stage 3: Silver strike then into the silver plating solution where the
article is left for several minutes to receive a deposit of silver.
Stage 4: Three stages of final rinsing and drying.

Step 6

Each item is again inspected and passed into the final bright buffing operation where a jewelers rouge and a very high degree of skill are applied to give an item its brilliant shine and lustre.